Recording Studio Desk

Dangerfox exists to build the best recording studio desks in the music industry. We build high quality workstations that inspire, enduring over time and long work hours, inviting a bit of the wild beauty of nature into your creative process. When you open your boxes from Dangerfox, we hope you feel our vision for the a fresh wind blew in the windows and made your space come alive. Your processes become easier, you relax into the living world of music...and begin to create without walls.

Learn about the studio desk that started it all, the Genesis 16U.

Boasting the trademark brawn of the Genesis line but with a smaller studio footprint, the Genesis 16U is the perfect compact set up. The same signature features are present: unique modern design, organizational efficiency and strong structural support. Its 2 bays contain venting space in the bottom and easy access from the back identical to its larger counterpart as well as a matching front shelf with a padded bolster and removable insert.

Additional accessories for the 16U include:
--full length monitor stand
--slide out keyboard tray
--personal logo addition

Shipping is free within the continental USA. Each desk is flat-packed and shipped in 3-5 boxes, depending on accessories. Assembly required; a Philips head screwdriver, 8 mm Allen wrench and basic socket set (size 13 and 14) are the only tools needed.

Dimensions: 42W x 39"D x 36H

Front Table Height: 30.5"
Rear Shelf Height: 32.5"
Floor to Bottom of Front Shelf: 28.5"
From top of Rear Shelf To Top Of Rack: 3.8"

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