How Much Do The Workstations Cost?

The cost of each desk is noted with its description. The Genesis 24U comes with a set a monitor platforms; the Genesis 16U does not. This cost also includes shipping within the US. Shipping outside of the US and customizations can be available for additional cost. The desk will arrive at your home or studio finished, flat-packed and ready for assembly.

Does DangerFox Offer Custom Designs?

--Not at this time. The Genesis desks include several customization options that can be selected on site when ordering. These include a keyboard tray feature, personal logo additions, and monitor stand upgrades. We don’t do any modifications to the structural design of the unit itself.

Are the Genesis Workstations the only ones?

--The Genesis offering is our first studio furniture line; it will be completed with two more desk options and matching studio racks in 2019. We are presently in the design stage of a new line of desks, the first of which will be released in the coming months as well. Follow us on social media for updated info on new products!

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