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Dangerfox - The Ultimate Home Studio Desk

The best recording studio desk is a blend of art and function. It has comfort and quality, a desk that you can sit behind for hours yet it feels like minutes as you lose yourself in the music.

Recently, the Dangerfox studio desk was featured in the ULTIMATE HOME STUDIO Setup 2020, a studio tour of the Graybox Nashville studio by Andrew Masters. Click the video to watch and hear the comments about the quality of the Dangerfox studio desk.



What makes the Dangerfox Genesis 24U and Genesis 16U the best recording studio desk in the industry?

Handcrafted in the United States, the Genesis 24U is a solid centerpiece to your recording studio. Baltic birch comprises the overbuilt legs and feet, stylish side panels and moveable monitor platforms. Stained by hand in a variety of color choices and coated for durability with a clear, nontoxic lacquer, the wood grain lends a natural beauty to the most high tech environment.

Each of the 3 rack bays is easily accessed by an open back design, utilizing a 15- degree angle to face gear toward the artist while simultaneously enabling an easy wiring in process. Venting in the rack base provides continuous air circulation to extend the life of analog gear and protect your investments. Cable management is simplified in the Genesis line by dropping them straight down through outlets in the rear shelf or running through special passages in the legs to maintain a clean visual line when en route to power sources or other equipment nearby.

*Pictured above is the Genesis 24U. 

The Genesis 16U is a sleek, space efficient design. Perfect for the the neat freak in all of us.

Boasting the trademark brawn of the Genesis line but with a smaller studio footprint, the Genesis 16U is the perfect compact set up. The same signature features are present: unique modern design, organizational efficiency and strong structural support. Its 2 bays contain venting space in the bottom and easy access from the back identical to its larger counterpart as well as a matching front shelf with a padded bolster and removable insert.

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