Highly Rated Studio Workstation - Dangerfox Customer Reviews Say It All

Dangerfox studio workstations are designed to inspire. Dangerfox exists to bring you a high quality workstation that inspires and endures those long work hours, and invites the wild beauty of nature into your environment.

Our workstations are designed to stay out of the way while inspiring your creativity, making your studio space come alive with it's detailed design and functionality features. We are confident that this will be the last workstation you'll ever need. 

Don't take it from us, hear what our customers are saying about Dangerfox studio desks.

"Absolutely gorgeous piece of work. Install was incredibly easy and quick. Houses all of our gear perfectly and keeps the cabling SO neat and out of the way - huge for OCD freaks like me. Desk is sturdy and feels like it will last a lifetime. So glad we opted for Dangerfox. Get yourself one!"
- Cody Hunter
 Graybox Studios Nashville, TN
"Best. Desk. Ever. I bought this desk when I transitioned away from using a console and wanted to have all of my gear within arms reach. The Genesis 24U is a great quality desk, I would recommend it to anyone! Very high build quality, very heavy and substantial, and looks excellent."
- Justin Abel
Portland, OR
"For my workflow, it's been amazing to have all this outboard gear directly in front of me. After having your desk set up in my space, I can't imagine it any other way. Seriously, the G24 has turned my day job into a dream job. The quality is truly unrivaled. This desk feels indestructible..."
- Kieron Menzies
Los Angeles, CA

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